eAchieve banner.jpgHillel High students are enrolled in eAchieve Academy for their general studies, one of Newsweek Magazine’s Best High Schools in America in 2013. Students tackle the online curriculum at their own pace with the teacher’s guidance and support. For our students, it’s like having a tutor right there beside them in the classroom*.

Not only do eAchieve Academy students outperform state averages, they are among the highest performers on the
ACT test and 10th grade Wisconsin Knowledge Concepts Examination (WKCE) of all virtual high school students in Wisconsin. 

PicMonkey Collage.jpgWhy eAchieve Academy?
Every student's learning style and life situation is unique. Yet traditional schools treat them the same. They start and end the school day at the same time, rotate class periods at the same time, and complete assignments on the same
due date.
The routine works great for many kids, but others excel in a more flexible environment to help them achieve their academic and life goals. eAchieve Academy provides an alternative online high school and middle school education option for Wisconsin young people.
Learning for the Future
Like traditional schools, eAchieve Academy gives students a great academic base. In fact, eAchieve Academy students score higher on their ACT college admission test than average Wisconsin public school students and earn the highest scores of any Wisconsin virtual school.
But eAchieve Academy also fosters critical skills needed to succeed in college, work and life: self motivation, time management, independent thinking, problem solving, and technology skills.
Old School Meets New School
By incorporating eAchieve Academy general studies classes with experienced in-house teachers, Hillel High blends
the best of high-quality in-person school teaching with the flexibility of online learning.
Traditional schools & online schools, like eAchieve Academy, share important similarities:
  • State-certified teachers
  • Core, Honors, AP, elective classes
  • Strong teacher interaction
  • Special needs support
eAchieve Academy also offers unique differences:
  • Individuality vs. uniformity
  • Flexible vs. rigid
  • Individual vs. group
  • Academics vs. social drama

 * Students receive their diploma through eAcheive Academy, a branch of the Waukesha School District.