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A Bader Hillel High School education offers many advantages.

Our students:

  • Benefit from small classes with more personal instruction
  • Pursue their personal interests through flexible electives
  • Achieve above-average results in math, science, humanities and beyond
  • Learn and grow within a warm, supportive community
  • Get a values-based education with a strong Judaic foundation 

About Bader Hillel High School

Bader Hillel High School offers an innovative and unique approach to education.  We utilize the best of both traditional and new-age education models, weaved together to create a learning environment that is both flexible to each student’s needs, yet pushes them to their full potential.  This style of blended learning capitalizes on the benefits of an online learning program with support from a team of on-site teachers and mentors.

By partnering with one of the top public high schools in America, and leader in online education, eAchieve Academy, Bader Hillel High is able to offer its students a first class general studies education.  Students have over 70 courses available in areas including math, science, English, health, art, music, business, languages, AP courses and so much more.  This allows students to tailor a curriculum that meets their personal interests and objectives, is challenging and rewarding, and keeps them on course for college admissions. 

 BHH complements this partnership by adding a multi-faceted, student-lead learning environment.  Staff work one on one with students to create a personalized learning plan that is best suited to their individual needs.  Courses, namely in the sciences, are supplemented with classroom learning, adding concreate, hands on activities and experiments, allowing students to become self-aware, active participants in the learning process. 

This blended learning environment increases the value of what we offer and is an ideal counterpart to our multi-leveled Judaic curriculum.  Our Judaic studies, which aim to be relevant and meaningful to 21st century students, include Tanach, Mishna, Talmud, Jewish Law, and Ethics.  We take great pride in volunteering, giving back to our community, and fostering an environment of learning and Yiddishkeit.

Since its inception in 2013, Bader Hillel High has been leading the way in creating a sustainable, reproducible Jewish High School model that is both affordable and meets the needs of today’s youth.  By integrating eAchieve with in-person classroom support and our Jewish studies program, we have created a trifecta for kids to excel and become successful, young people who are grounded in ethics and values, and are ready to venture confidently into the modern world.