What is the Summit Learning Program and how is it used?

Developed by teachers from Summit Public Schools with engineering assistance from Facebook, the Summit Learning Program  is the backbone to the Summit experience. It is a tool that helps students set both short and long-term goals while tracking progress toward these goals, prioritize their work, learn content at their own pace, complete deep projects that apply to real world situations and reflect on their learning.

With the Summit Learning Program:

  • Students make a plan for success in college, career and life. No matter what students want to accomplish in their lives, they need a plan to make that dream a reality.
  • Students are aware of what they are learning, why they are learning it and how they learn best. They become self-directed learners and develop the behaviors and mindsets for success.
  • Students engage with projects that connect the classroom to the real world. When students work in teams to apply what they’re learning to projects that mimic and solve real-world problems, they develop strong collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills.
  • Students have a mentor who provides ongoing feedback and serves as a coach and advocate.



How does a teacher use the Summit Learning Program?


The  Summit Learning Program was designed by and for teachers, to help them put learning back into the hands of their students. Teachers use the platform on a daily basis to organize all of their work with students, first by helping students to set goals, and then working backwards to identify and plan the actions they need to take and the knowledge they need to master – across all subjects, not just the one that teacher leads. The platform is integrated with Summit’s curriculum, which includes projects and content that are together designed to foster knowledgeable and confident self-directed learners.

Teachers also use the Summit Learning Program to organize their own work, including developing curriculum by creating or adding resources to playlists, and creating or modifying projects. Through the platform, teachers can monitor individual student and class-wide performance and progress, and tailor instruction accordingly, as well as provide direct feedback and ultimately grades.

Finally, teachers even use a version of the Summit Learning Program for their own personalized professional development. Just like students, they direct their own professional learning and use the platform to set goals, create plans, access playlists of instructional resources, and track their own progress on content and skills.



How do projects work with the Summit Learning Platform?


When a student logs into the Summit Learning Platform, their dashboard shows their current projects, along with the individual tasks they must complete and knowledge they need to master in order to successfully complete the project. Incomplete tasks and areas where students have not yet demonstrated competency are colored in red, while those that are complete and mastered are colored in green. When it’s time to grade projects, teachers use the  Cognitive Skills Rubric within the  Summit Learning Platform to assess how well a student’s project demonstrates their skills and learning.

Cognitive Skills Rubric.jpg